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Young adults get ‘lip service’ from TLC
TLC Unlimited

The benefit of using Lip Ice is currently being communicated to men and women through an eye catching mirror decal and poster campaign executed by Unlimited’s washroom advertising expert TLC at 37 LSM A shopping malls across the country.

The mirror decals are on view in women’s washrooms while TLC’s Classic Frame posters for Lip Ice are strategically situated in both the female and male washrooms at the cinemas and ladies washrooms within the actual malls.

Joint MD at TLC Brett Tucker says; “A key aspect of the campaign is that it has allowed the brand to leverage its awareness among its target market through the complimentary use of both washroom and mall advertising, which ensures enhanced consumer exposure to the brand message.

“Lip Ice is effectively educating the target market about using a decent lip care product. At the same time the company is increasing its brand awareness by appealing to young adults in the 9-10 LSM group to view its brand as an important aspect of their daily make-up routine,” he adds.

Though the campaign has a slight younger female skew, the wording on the creative also strikes a chord amongst a broad range of men and women across ages and lifestyles who are conscious of their appearance.