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Zinplex affirms confidence in X/procure® for 7th consecutive year

Proof of the power of Primedia Unlimited’s in-pharmacy advertising specialist X/procure®’s success at capturing pharmacists’ attention and boosting awareness of it’s brands is Zinplex’s decision to use the medium for a seventh consecutive year for its annual ad campaign.

X/procure® assists in fast-tracking a brand’s visibility in-pharmacy, from both a corporate and product perspective. Because the advert reaches pharmacists directly, in real time and repeatedly, advertisers enjoy the unique opportunity of presenting and promoting their products at the time when ordering decisions are made.

X/procure® MD JD Henderson comments; “Having partnered with The House of Zinplex since 2006 and having them use our medium again this year, solidifies our belief in the effectiveness of pharmaceutical advertising on the X/procure® electronic procurement system.

“Pharmacists have access to the Zinplex advertisements at the point where they place their electronic orders and given that 93% of our pharmacy base utilises our system on a daily basis it provides an ideal opportunity for manufacturers to advertise, promote and create awareness for their brand,” JD explains.

To achieve its objectives of keeping brand awareness high and ensuring products are visible when it comes to achieving sales Zinplex is currently using two of X/procure®’s advertising platforms to communicate information about its range: the first is a Banner Ad which is constantly visible on the screen, no matter which functionality is being utilised at that time.
The second, a Screen Saver, automatically activates when the ordering system is not used for 60 seconds. Screen saver and Banner adverts are limited to 20 advertising slots, which increases advert viewership and reduces media wastage. This allows the advertising message to be clearly read and interpreted.