Twinsaver and TLC: An ideal product-to-platform fit

TLC was chosen by Nampak to promote awareness about products in its Twinsaver range.

Primedia Unlimited’s TLC made consumers aware of a Mother’s Day competition being run by Twinsaver through DSTV. The campaign targeted women in the LSM 7 – 10 bracket, aged between 25 and 40, and was designed to raise the profile of two Twinsaver products – the style pack of facial tissues and Twinsaver’s infused Essentials range of facial tissues. By entering the competition, participating women stood the chance of winning a pampering weekend away. The campaign ran for the month of May.

A second campaign, which runs throughout June, sees TLC’s washroom advertising being chosen as the primary platform from which to tell consumers about Twinsaver’s new 2-ply wrapped single toilet roll. This campaign targets women in the LSM 5 – 10 bracket, also aged between 25 and 40. The campaign urges consumers to take an empty toilet roll core to participating retailers and swop if for a new wrapped Twinsaver roll.

“This campaign is all about communicating to the consumer about the right product at the right time, and what better medium than TLC’s washroom advertising to alert consumers to a new product soon to hit supermarkets’ toilet tissue shelves?” says Brett Tucker, Group MD of TLC Unlimited.

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