Primedia Unlimited’s CI represents the endless continuum of possibilities all staff within the media company explore to provide winning solutions, which meet client specific needs. Innovation is always at the centre of each company’s philosophy and the media platforms offer dwell time, impact and critical mass to the extent that each become ‘Impossible to ignore’.

The many proven products and tried and tested communication opportunities offered by Primedia Unlimited, along with the ‘Unlimited’ descriptive in the company name, evokes unrestrained thinking. The personality of the company and its offerings is innovative, imaginative, original and exciting.

To graphically represent the company promise of looking and dreaming beyond the usual, of giving flight to new, free thought in offering clients extraordinary communication opportunities, a simple yet evocative image is embedded in the logo: that of a figure, arms outstretched, open to expansive and effective thinking. A dash of red on the tie of the figure highlights the dynamic nature of the business.