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Brother Printers renews with Golf Unlimited

Brother Printers has renewed its advertising contract with Primedia Unlimited’s subsidiary Golf Unlimited, because the media owner has proven itself as the ideal advertising partner with which the advertiser can reach business owners, chief executive officers and managing directors. 

The Brother Printer’s Golf Unlimited advertising campaign communicates with business owners and decision makers that the company has extended its offering to corporates and that it more than satisfies corporate level office solutions in terms of printing requirements.

The national advertising campaign targets high LSM 9+ consumers, and is flighting on two holes across Golf Unlimited’s National GPS screen footprint.

“This provides Brother Printers with sector exclusivity for the duration of the campaign, enabling the company to increase its share of voice with brand exclusivity in an environment where it can dominate the sector in terms of messaging,” says Golf Unlimited’s Pieter Groenewald.

“Golf Unlimited gives our clients access to the right target audience, with little wastage. Independently conducted research shows that 80% of Golf Unlimited’s target audience is actively involved in the running of businesses, making it one of the most relevant areas for Brother Printers to inform them about the brand and the products available,” he adds.

Golf Unlimited

Targeting the LSM 14+ elite golfer, Primedia Unlimited company Golf Unlimited offers advertisers the unique opportunity to advertise on GPS units fitted in more than 1400 golf carts in thirty two (and growing) of South Africa’s 4- and 5-star golf courses. Through Golf Unlimited, advertisers have unprecedented access to a niche 550 000 high value golfers annually. Advertisers receive exclusive, uninterrupted exposure from the tee to the green with an unheard of dwell time of 14 minutes per advertiser on the course. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za for more.