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TLC launches pharmaceutical brand with limited budget
TLC Unlimited

Choosing the correct advertising channels for a household brand is difficult enough but for marketers wanting to launch a new brand into a broad market, the choice of media is that much more difficult.

Turning to Unlimited’s TLC business, new headache tablet Solusprin has effectively dominated the LSM 4-8 market in the shopping mall space using only one advertising channel and a limited budget.

TLC Joint MD Brett Tucker reports that the Solusprin brand has advertising dominance in 30 ‘LSM B’ shopping centres and 14 LSM C classified malls for a period of four months.

“The washroom space effectively allows any brand, whether new or established, to have access to a gender and lifestyle-specific market that is undisturbed by any other advertising platforms, apart from the washroom channels provided. This means that consumers who use those washrooms cannot avoid interacting and viewing Solusprin’s message. In addition, the product is available within the malls for direct purchase,” he explains.