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The Unlimited App from Primedia Unlimited is the ultimate media app for anyone in or interested in the media and marketing industry. It provides an exciting collection of South African media creatives, insight by industry experts, a fun and entertaining game, as well as direct access to various advertising platforms and mediums through Primedia Unlimited’s Directory of companies. Users can browse Primedia Unlimited’s full company Advertising Directory with company profiles, media opportunities, rate cards and key contact information. The Great Minds segment of the App provides you with articles by Industry Experts and the Creative Rater segment allows you to rate media creatives in South Africa. Stay up-to-date with what’s hot as it happens, with innovative media creatives uploaded and rated in real time. Get inspiration and industry opinions on creativity, concepts, colours , composition, location and more!Entertain yourself with Primedia Unlimited’s Asshoot Game! Upload an image or take a picture of someone you know, insert it into the cannon and aim at the donkey! Whether it’s a friend, client or random person’s face you use Shoot to the Ass, it makes for hours of endless fun! Primedia Unlimited Advertising companies include Brandyourcar.Com, GlamCam, Golf Unlimited, Icon Media, Mall Active, MallWorx, Mamba Media, Primall Media, Primedia Lifestyle, Primestars, Source, TLC Media , TLC Middle East, Wideopen Platform, XP Digital and XProcure.


“It is almost 20 years to the day since American marketing forecaster Faith Popcorn visited South Africa. Her top 10 trends were hot topics on the marketing agenda. But how accurate did they turn out to be; especially for South African consumers?” – Reg Lascaris

“I look at print circulations and they just keep dropping. Especially the daily papers. Then Newsweek shuts after 80 years. Honestly, though I hope they can, I really see little hope for the majority of print vehicles.” – Harry Herber

“What are the most important things a client and media planner should consider when choosing a medium? Let’s say for example – reach, impact, and frequency. Why is it then – that a terribly subjective measure such as “brand fit” often takes precedence over the above factors?” – Chris Botha

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